›Metals & Materials 3: Weight Calculator. For metals, plastics or any other material.

The most flexible & feature rich material weight calculator on the app store!

Metals & Materials 3 allows you to compute the Weight per piece, Weight per unit length, total weight as well as many other properties (volume, area, inertia, radius of gyration) of the most common sections found in many engineering / construction / lab / material trade applications. Use the built-in material library or add your own to the database for future use. Add any section to the totals count, mail a totals report as PDF or plain text and a lot more!


- US Custom & Metric units supported, input units can be mixed at will between systems (i.e.: Unit weight in pcf, diameter in Inches, thickness in mm, length in meters). Customize the units for Results as well as Totals output.

- Sections included: Solid Square, Square tube, rectangular tube, flats / sheets, solid round by radius or diameter, tubes / pipes by diameters, radius or diameter / thickness, Leg, channel, hexagon by side or height, octagon by side or height

- Use any of the 1600+ materials in the database or add your own to it in any unit you want. The built in library contains many common materials (with their grades) such as steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastics, steel carbon, titanium and many more

- Use the built-in gage database to set any cross section dimension. The gage database contains many standards such as Aluminum, AWG, Birmingham, SWG, Sheet Steel, Stainless Steel, Strip & Tubing, US Standard + many more

- Add / Delete a computed group weight to a Totals calculation.

- Mail the Totals report in PDF or plain text.

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